Comments from Our Patients

"I was apprehensive about getting an x-ray for a circulatory problem. I went to Health Imaging and found thermal imaging to be easy and painless and with no side-effects."

S.F.   Sarasota FL


 "Four month ago I had a full body thermography done. I had a lot of heat around my right jaw area. You told me that I needed to see my dentist to check it out. When I receive the thermography report I was very alarmed by the words "possible necrosis in the jaw bone due … due to root canals or dental surgeries" I went to see my dentist. He referred me to a specialist to perform a cavitation scan of my jawbone. He recommended performing cavitation surgery – another word for it "NICO". During the surgery, doctor cleaned up the area and took a biopsy. The result from the lab came back stating "chronic osteo-myelitis", which is basically the same as necrosis of the bone. I had no symptoms, no pain, no swelling. If it wasn’t for the thermography I would have never known that. I had infection in my jaw bone. Regular dental x-ray didn’t show that. It is the report from the thermography convinced my dentist to look further. We caught it in time. Thank you very much."


A.G.   Sarasota, FL



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